Intuitive Readings & Coaching

Intuitive Readings & Coaching with Rayne

    These are questions that many of Rayne's clients have had over the years.

    Rayne is an intuitive clairaudient and clairsentient. He has over 30 years of experience in strategic career and personal assessment in alignment with passion and desires with the utilization of his abilities. He
     has provided coaching and insight to clients from diverse careers, industries, belief systems, gender identities, and generations for decades and we are excited to partner with him to make this experience available to our clients. 

    How does an intuitive reading work?  Well, based on your inner vibration, Rayne can sense subtle energies, emotions, and conscious distractions that may enhance or impede you from achieving your desires and fulfilling your purpose. With this awareness, he will assist you in creating a strategy to move forward with your life’s plan that allows you to fully engage in the pursuit of your desires.

    "Think of it as having a very open and honest conversation with a friend who is willing and able to see and hear your truth while also helping you to get out of your own way. Rayne has helped me to trust my intuition and guided me through major transitions in my personal and professional life," says Shayla Herndon-Edmunds, Founder of OMG Wellness Bar.   

    To support your growth and evolution, Rayne offers the following process for intuitive readings & coaching. To get started with your first reading, select from the scheduling options below: