Brianna Holland

Brianna Holland, MPH, CHES, CLC

Brianna has more than 10 years of public health, health education, and behavior health change experience. After earning a degree in Psychology from Spelman College. She continued her studies and completed a Master's of Public Health, with a focus in health behavior and health education, at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (Go Blue!). 
Having two nationally recognized certification in health education, Brianna supports individuals in making positive behavior changes that promote wellness and she develops strategies for organizations to support their teams and clients in wellness focused cultural shifts. Brianna has worked with international, federal, state, and local health organizations, health care and academic institutions, and not- for - profits to lead public health surveillance projects by providing technical support, capacity building, program planning and implementation, and comprehensive evaluation practices of various public health topics. Brianna’s public health mission as a practitioner is to provide awareness, support, and action to communities. 
Brianna continues her work of promoting positive behavior change for herself and others in her work of caring for mother's and babies as certified lactation consultant. As a healer, she uses her intuitive gifts of reiki, tarot, and breath work to support clients in shifting energy and guiding them to increasing self awareness of their thoughts, words, and deeds.